Bee's hive

hi! am bee! am disabled nonverbal autistic writer, artist, and general overall creative!

bee non-binary and bee pronouns are star/stars

current focused intrests:

  • Minecraft

  • Neokosmos

  • Blaseball


bee want talk bout communication.

lots people go "oh bee no talk must be hard cause hard communicate" but is like.

issue not bee nonverbal, before when verbal was still big issues.

brain just. can't.

no way work out word things right that allistics understand easy.

autistics better understanding bee but just is. not talk not issue, issue brain and words.

bee say prefer sign cause easier communicate, and is true! sign more information dense, more flexible, make more sense bee. but still struggle lots. get overwhelm. is just hard.

bee put on brave face lots, cause hate people say that should just learn talk cause communicate easier.

but no matter what, people always always misunderstand bee. very few people understand. real only other who think bee.

and just frustrate. make want hide, never communicate, hate hate hate. just wish people understand.

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